07 August 2014 ~ 4 Comments

Episode 161 – HTS Sans Mr Biggs

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In this weeks episode we discuss:

Sorry folks, John is out again this episode so David is filling in. But, we want to assure you that John is not dead … we’re … pretty sure. Yes, we are fairly certain.

– Audio Ninja

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4 Responses to “Episode 161 – HTS Sans Mr Biggs”

  1. Nate Blubaugh 8 August 2014 at 7:00 am Permalink

    Something that I have wondering about, I noticed that Omega’s in house caliber 8500 if you look closely has what I make out to be an ETA pallet fork bridge and I had to do a double take because I have seen that so many times before on after repairing these ETA movements, so I had think why is that on in in house caliber?
    Maybe it’s an ETA design idk it just baffled me.

  2. N.X. 10 August 2014 at 9:11 am Permalink

    Good observation Nate, in fact the Omega 8500 caliber is made by ETA but as both are owned by Swatch I guess that makes it in house?

  3. Alan Polansky 24 August 2014 at 1:54 pm Permalink

    Is there any way to download podcasts older than episode 65? Thanks.

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